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There's something in the air and it's Korean flavoured. Zeren Wilson finds out why Korean is the food of the moment... 

London Evening Standard

Korean cooking meets US street food at Jubo in Shoreditch. The signature dish is Korean fried chicken (KFC) which comes coated in garlic or chilli sticky sauces – it really is finger lickin’ good. Steamed buns and cocktails made with the Korean spirit soju are also on the menu. The original site has proved so popular that another is in the pipeline, due to open on Exmouth Market this summer.

The EatLondonFood 2014 Awards

Kimchi Bokkeumbap

Kimchi Bokkeumbap

Jubo.  Korean Fried Chicken, you may or may not have heard of it.  In a nutshell, the Koreans love spicy fried chicken, and it is one of the latest semi-fast food trends to expand around the globe.  London is under-served with Korean restaurants and Jubo is the best one we’ve been to.  It is a tiny Korean restaurant located inside the lobby to the Bedroom Bar on Rivington Street.  They don’t take bookings unless you’re a party of 6 or more so again you turn up and take your chances, but this is fairly out of your way so you should get a table.  The Korean Fried Chicken is great but they also do steamed buns (a la Momofuku), BBQ meat and an absolutely superb Bokkeumbap rice bowl.  Cocktails come courtesy of the Bedroom Bar and make for a fun evening.

Favourite Dish: Bokkeumbap with bacon

Tip: Make sure Korean is your new cuisine to try in 2015 if you’ve not already done so.

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The JUBO Special

The JUBO Special

JUBO: this little Korean canteen does not seem like much from the outside, but they do some of the best Korean Fried Chicken to be found in London. Be warned though: the ‘volcanic’ is just as hot as it sounds!

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GQ Feb 2015 - Taste Section Roundup  

Holiday Closures

Holiday Closures

JUBO will be closed for the holidays from 23 December 2014 till 1 December 2015. We will re-open for business on 2 January 2015.  

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

Summer Festivals

Summer Festivals

Summer is nearly over and we're already missing the festivals...  



Famed food commentator Christian Stevenson (@DJ_BBQ)  visits us for a taste of Korean Fried Chicken! 

Blog Review

Jubo is a little interesting canteen, located inside the Bedroom Bar on the trendy Rivington Street, it serves simple US style Korean fast food, as well as a Korean classic ssam, which you need to order in advance. I noticed Korean fried chicken has created a bit of a buzz lately, Jubo has a reputation of providing some quality KFC but I also loved the idea of the ssam after looking at the menu, the solution was: Have them both!

On my first visit, I took advantage of its 25% off Monday night offer, I pretty much ordered everything from the menu. The gunmandu dumplings was decent with hints of sweet and spicy flavours. The pork belly steamed bun was Asian comforting food at its finest, juicy pork belly with hoisin and sriacha sauces, lightened up by a slice of refreshing pickled cucumber.

For my second visit, I finally got the chance to try the pre ordered ssam after our starter of Chicken dinner platter. The ssam arrived in an impressive fashion, served on a giant metal pan with 1kg of roasted bavette on top of a sea of onions and garlic. The meat itself was moist and rich, we had the choice of eating it with large selections of garnish, but my favourite was without a doubt the wrapping of the meat and onion, in a little gem with a dash of sesame oil and ssamjang.

Best dish on the night was the kimchi fried rice, not overly spicy, just enough punch and kicks to lift up your taste buds, great balance of Asian flavours, it worked beautifully with the runny egg yolk and it was easily one of the nicest rice dishes I've had in London. The main event KFC lived up to its reputation, not overly crispy and still tender on the inside, the soy garlic dressing was rich and flavoursome, it was so simple yet so delicious.

I really enjoyed both of my visits at Jubo, the KFC was really something and I was pleased that I discovered such a fun place in London. The staff were very friendly and took great care of us, Jubo's service was excellent throughout both evenings which was very impressive indeed. Do notice that they offer 25% off, on food on Monday and all you can eat wings on Tuesday for £20, a great way to discover US style Korean street food.

Food 6
Service 7
Ambience 4
Value 7

£18 per head with a beer
£30 per head (Ssam) with a cocktail