Korean fast food joints, fusion food vans, soju cocktail bars… London is on a K binge. Here's our guide to the dishes that are this season’s biggest food trend

By Celia Plender, TimeOut London

Yangneom tongdak (yang-nom-ton-dak)

    Forget Kentucky, this KFC is Korean fried chicken, and it’s turbo-charged with a finger-licking coating of chilli sauce or soy and ginger. Double fried for extra crunch, then coated in hot, sweet and sticky sauce, it’s impossible to eat without getting a little messy. Literally meaning ‘seasoned whole chicken’ in Korean, it’s more likely to consist of fried wings and breast than whole birds in London’s dining spots.

    There are a lot of chicken wings claiming Korean heritage in the capital at the moment, but many are far from the mark. Head to Jubo for fancy fast food K-style.