How To Style Short Hair

Does your short hair make you cringe when you look at it in the mirror? You pretty well know that your hair talks more about you. Your hair is what people will see first and talk more about it when you’re gone.

It’s the reason why we want to remain loyal to our hairstylists. I can’t imagine changing my hairstylist to walk out of the door, cursing him for a shoddy job. So, how can you make sure your short hair gives you full splendor among people you meet?

Your short hair can be a lot better than you think. You can choose a new style that tickles your fancies to have a better look and feel more confident when in public. There are tons of cute hairstyles you can pick, and we have covered some in this article that we believe can be cool for you.

1. Pixie cut

A pixie cut keeps your hair short and smooth. This style is ideal for old and young women with different hair textures. A pixie cut gives you an elegant look with short hair on the sides and slightly longer hair on the top of your head.

The good thing is, you don’t have to stick to one pixie cut style now and then. Pixie cuts come in different styles to ensure you choose the right one for your hair and head. Here are several pixie cuts for you:

• Pixie Wedge
• Classic Pixie
• Pixie Bob
• Choppy Pixie
• Feathered Pixie, among others

2. Soft Curls

Curly hair works best for people with short and straight hair. You can use a curling iron to curl your short hair and turn it into tight curls. If your hair is naturally curly, you can keep it short and elegant using hair oil, padded headbands, and chic clips. You can also look into a pin curl for short hair.

The good thing about short curly strands is that they are easy to make and give you a more stylish look. There are several styles for short curly hair you can choose from. They include:

• Curly High-Pony
• Shoulder Length Bob
• Delicate Baby Hairs
• Space Buns
• Voluminous Curly Pixie Cuts
• Tight Ringlet Afro among others

3. Dutch Braids

Women have been braiding their hair since, well, forever. You can braid your hair into many styles, but one that we find top of the list is Dutch braids. You can braid your short hair into two strands that run from one end of the head to the other, depending on the direction you want them to stay.

To ensure your Dutch braids remain intact, you should wrap the edge and pin them to keep them in place. You can also spray dry shampoo on the ends to make them tight. Sometimes when you feel your hair is too tight, you can pull the outer strand to loosen it and make it feel more comfortable.

4. Bandana Style

This type of hairstyle is perfect for short hair that’s braided into small strands. You only need a bandana, a chopstick curler, or a curling iron to curl small parts of your hair. Once you’re done, your hair will look voluminous, and that’s why you need a bandana to wrap them.

You can use a simple handkerchief to wrap the curly strands. You’ll then tie the bandana around your head and tie a knot on the front of the back of the head. Various Bandana styles you can use for your hair include:

• Tousled Knot-Wrap
• Bandana with Voluminous Bangs
• Pin Up Hair with Bandana
• Vintage Bandana Hairstyle among others

5. Temporary Hair Color Change

You can change the color of your short hair to fit the occasion you want to attend, or depending on your mood. Usually, these colors are meant to come out after cleaning your hair. You can then use a different color without minding that the spray will permanently change your hair’s natural color.

You can set your hair depending on the style you like after cleaning and blow-drying it. Once the hair is dry, you can comfortably spray it with your preferred color. The good thing is that you can test-drive different colors by just spraying and cleaning it to try the next color.

Temporary hair color change for your small hair gives you five looks to choose from. You only need one that matches your complexion, mood, or the dress you’re to wear that day. These looks include rainbow, silver, faux highlights, blackberry hair, and pastel pink.

Final Thoughts

There are many styles out there you can choose to keep your short hair stylish and adorable. You can ask your hairstylist to cut it short or braid it the way you want. You can also temporarily change the color of your hair to have a hair color that fits your daily tastes to enhance chic.